These days, use of emails is dominating traditional tools such as faxing and mailing, as well as being a greener solution greatly minimizing the use of paper. bluebee™ gives the possibility to configure both emails and email notices for all your business' partners as well as your internal users such as suppliers, clients, buyers, and sales representatives. Emails can be sent automatically with documents such as sales orders and purchase orders. With this infrastructure, we can configure any new document generated from bluebee™ to be sent automatically to the people concerned.

Taking into account the importance of having company visibility as well as its products and services on the web, the bluebee™ suite of applications can be configured since its design is to provide a web portal containing a catalogue of the company's products and a CMS (Content Management System) to manage the site's content in a quick and simply fashion.
Other features such as online ordering, tracking and consulting are possible. Several other customer-specific information could be available, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and freeing your company’s internal team of various tasks.
There is always the possibility of using a Web-service / XML exchange to integrate data from an existing bluebee™ portal to the company.

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