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Implementation Process

The Bluebee team recommends an approach based on simplicity, agility and efficiency. Here is an example of a typical implementation process. This process can be tailored to your specific needs.

Bluebee Implantation

Needs analysis

The needs analysis stage identifies the specific needs of your business. A Bluebee Implementation Consultant will meet with you to review your business processes. You will then work together to determine the approach to be taken to better respond to the issues that will be raised.

Bluebee Implantation

Execution strategy

At this point, it will be necessary to set up the project team and distribute the tasks. Then, it will be necessary to make the choices with regard to use based on your primary needs and best practices. Then will follow the tactical deployment plan (who will do what, when).

Bluebee Implantation

Development of specific customizations
(if applicable)

When a specific need is identified, one of the solutions for meeting this need is to adapt the software. In this case, Bluebee developers can either modify the existing functions or create new ones from scratch.

Bluebee Implantation

Data transfer

Although you may not have a complete ERP software at hand, you undoubtedly hold a significant amount of critical information in your database. The Bluebee team will help you convert this data to your new Bluebee 2 environment using simple import tools such as Excel.

Bluebee Implantation

Training and testing

Bluebee recommends the "Train the Trainer" approach. It is suggested to choose some "Super-users" who will receive intensive training of up to a few days in order to be able to answer their co-workers' questions once the software is in place. We also suggest providing the other users with more general training in order to facilitate the adaptation period. At the same time, users will need to be involved in testing the new procedures in order to validate the approach chosen by the project team and also to help them move from theory to practice.

Bluebee Implantation

Production launch

Once all the tests have been completed and the data updated, it is time to go into production. This step will be planned in advance and we will be there to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Bluebee Implantation

Post-installation follow-up and training

Once the final installation has been completed, questions often arise. All staff who have worked with you during the implementation stages remain available for you post-installation. Whether you have questions about its use or other issues, the Bluebee team is always available.

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