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The Bluebee™ ERP Software


What is Bluebee?

Bluebee is a web-based ERP software for manufacturing, distribution and food companies.

Bluebee ERP Software


Financial statements
Cash flow
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Bluebee ERP Software


Orders and shipping
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Bluebee ERP Software


Production planning
Bill of materials
Cost prices
Work orders
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Bluebee ERP Software


General Features
Reports and Analysis
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Case Studies

Learn more about how our customers are using Bluebee ERP Software’s solutions for optimizing their business processes in manufacturing and distribution.


What's new in Bluebee™ ERP 2

Bluebee ERP offers updates and enhancements to the product every year. In 2016, the company launched Project Bluebee 2. It aimed to enhance the Bluebee user experience through a series of ERP software enhancements. Here are some of the new features:



• Customizable dashboard
• Dashboards by modules
• Intuitive Reporting Tool

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Evolved ERP Workstations

The navigation in Bluebee 2
has greatly evolved.

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Customer, vendor, and item file

The customer, vendor, and item file have been redesigned. They now offer a 360 degree view...

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Dynamic Order

The dynamic order entry was designed for sales representatives entering orders during a customer call...

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Order assignment

The order assignment function is used to solve the puzzle that can sometimes be the optimization of shipping routes...

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ERP Implementation

Why is the ERP implementation process important?

Once the correct software is chosen, the ERP implementation work begins. This step is crucial to the success of the project. With its proven structured implementation approach, Bluebee manages to avoid the frequent pitfalls of implementation projects.

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What's new in Bluebee™?

Bluebee offers product upgrades and improvements every year. In 2016, the company launched the Bluebee 2 project. The aim is to increase the Bluebee user experience through a series of improvements to the software. Here is the progress status of these improvements, by phase:


Phase 1

• Workstations approach
• Integration of Qlik Sense
• Dashboards
• New menu
• Improved customer, vendor, and item records

Phase 2

• Transaction function improvements

Phase 3

• Tasks and notifications system
• Mobile feature improvements
• Document management improvements

Price and Package of our ERP Software

Bluebee ERP Software prices and packages

With the purchase of Bluebee (minimum 10 licenses), you get:
• Installation services (up to 30 hours)
• Unlimited post-production support services for six months. (up to 120 hours)
• A $ 10,000 rebate on your implementation project.

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