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Bluebee Distribution


Bluebee module inventaire

The inventory management module gives you control over your inventory based on internationally recognized standards. Reduce your inventory levels and gain information on your slow-moving stock and excess stock to easily manage minimum stock levels and replenishment quantities.

 Define multiple entities such as companies, subsidiaries and product categories

 Track inventory by warehouse, even if it belongs to more than one subsidiary

 Facilitate the parts manager’s job by generating stock rotation reports which present detailed information

Ordering and Invoicing

Bluebee module des commandes

Bluebee’s ordering and invoicing module is used in conjunction with the inventory management, accounts receivable and general ledger modules to manage online transactions. By allowing you to track customer orders from the moment they are placed to the time of shipping and invoicing, the system allows you to improve operational efficiency, identify trends and increase customer satisfaction. Designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of corporations, this module is the finishing touch to a fully integrated distribution process.

 Create multiple item pricing matrices to define automatic pricing rules

 Emphasize margins

 Know when orders must be cancelled and shipped

 Efficiently manage merchandise returns

 Automatically convert quotes into orders

Purchase Orders

Bluebee système d’approvisionnement

The purchase order module is used in conjunction with the inventory management, accounts payable and general ledger modules to create a complete purchase management system. You can order using regular or permanent purchase orders, reconcile merchandise received with supplier invoices and make entries into your accounts payable

 Interface with inventory management, accounts payable and general ledger modules

 Produce reports and queries on actual vs. expected receipts indicating anticipated cash outlays

 Negotiate lower prices based on products available through numerous suppliers

 Improve the purchasing process to lower warehouse inventory levels

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