Mobile Access & Fast Deployment

Centralized information systems have become the foundation of today’s enterprises. Accessibility and deployment are becoming major issues for most companies. Decisions must be made in the blink of an eye, therefore it is vital for your company to have access to quality information.

The open web architecture on which bluebee™ is based offers a wide array of deployment and mobile access possibilities, requiring no additional middleware or architecture (terminal server, Citrix or others). Remote access is done in a single click. You’ll be able to connect your factories, warehouses and sales offices as easily as giving remote access to your staff whether local or on the go.

bluebee™’s architecture relies on protocols and system security standards to ensure confidentiality and protection of your critical business data.

Our simplified architecture will adapt to your deployment requirements and to your systems’ hosting, whether you are using a local server, outsourced hosting, or even SaaS models. bluebee™ adapts to your needs.

Mobile Access

Today’s markets and means of communications have evolved significantly, therefore changing current business models. Companies need to make their transactions and information accessible. The technological architecture of a company must not be an obstacle to the integration and accessibility of various business applications.

bluebee™ will allow you to extend your information and business processes where you really need them; either through Intelligent mobile devices or any other wireless technology. Whether it be for sales support, follow-up, mobile transactions, or to simply integrate your road warriors into your business and control processes, bluebee™ will amaze you by meeting all your expectations.

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