Modern & Evolved Architecture

From the very beginning, Bluebee decided to develop a web-based ERP system when the industry trend was going towards client-server applications. Wanting to take into account the constant technological evolution of the IT market, we developed an application that could adapt itself and fill today’s expectations. Therefore, bluebee™ relies on a multi-layer architecture offering the possibility and flexibility to customize and evolve the product from the system’s infrastructure to the user interface.

Here are the features of bluebee™:

  • Progress is a robust relational database recognized in the industry for is stability, scalability, speed and reliability to withstand terabytes of data and

    millions of transactions.
  • Business logic encapsulation comprised of reusable, evolutionary and customizable classes allowing bluebee™ to maintain areas of the business logic

    in order to meet the clients’ needs.
  • A bluebee™ core infrastructure communicating between the business logic and an array of access modes between the Graphic User Interface and

    its defined Web Services. On top of the communication link, the bluebee™ infrastructure manages all the security and encompasses a development

    Framework for super users in addition to providing a library rich in functionalities for programmers.
  • The user interface is the product’s showcase. Since bluebee™ is entirely web based, many technologies and languages are being used in conjunction

    such as Ajax, DHTML, XML, XSL, Web Services (SOA) and Flash through Adobe Flex. All these technologies allowed us to develop a product with

    a rich interface that will satisfy every type of user.

  • bluebee™ offers multiple access modes through its distinct modules:

  • Through a browser for every area of the application by using a PC.
  • Portal for RF equipment (barcode scanners) used in warehouse management.
  • Portal for sales team’s mobile devices.
  • Portal for product catalogues (E-Business).
  • Through Web Services (SOA) for integration with third-party solutions.
  • bluebee™ is cross-platform in regards to the operating system and the processor. It can run under Linux, AIX (IBM), etc. It is compatible with Intel, AMD, and Risc processors. The platform choice depends on many factors such as business requirements, in-house expertise, and budget.

    Because the product is simple to implement, bluebee™ can be deployed in local mode, SAAS or Cloud Computing. Please contact our Sales Department in order to receive a more detailed review of the deployment methods we offer.

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