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Mobile Access & Fast Deployment

Markets are globalizing, territories are opening, mobility is becoming a major factor in business success and bluebee™ is offering you a vast array of mobile solutions integrated in its processes together with the fastest and easiest deployment on the market and this, whereever in the world.


Simplified & Realizable Installation Process

Unlike the majority of big computer solutions, bluebee™’s establishment will be made respecting deadlines and budgets. Our team will assit you in the installation process and allow you to take control of you operations.



Electronic Business & Web Portal

Built on an open web architecture, the access through commercial and collaboration portals is a natural for bluebee™, allowing secure and confidential public data source sharing.


Modern & Evolved Architecture

SOA, open Web architecture, AJAX, SAAS, Cloud computing, these technologies and concepts are at the heart of our solution. bluebee™ uses the powerful and proved solutions OpenEdge from Progress and Flex from Adobe for the developpement of its solution.


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