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Bill of Materials

Bluebee Nomenclature

This module provides you information on materials used in your products, how the products are produced, and how much it costs you to produce them. It also helps you orchestrate changes to the product plans by planning each change at their effective date. Used jointly with the inventory management module, the BOM module uses three built-in criteria to determine the cost of manufacturing the finished product and of its components: bill of materials (BOM), assessment of standard costs and processing operations.

 Establish standard costing of purchased materials for the next period and forecast finished product costs

 Consider the effects of price increases/decreases before setting prices

 Access up-to-date information at all times using instant processing

 Centrally document BOMs to improve communications

 Maintain product manufacturing history using revision and effective dates


Bluebee Production

The production control module is used in conjunction with the MRP II, inventory control and bill of materials modules to plan manufacturing activities from beginning to end. Create work orders based on BOM module norms and print them out to provide the workshop with detailed information, thereby reducing clerical work.

 INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY: Determine which materials generate unusually high scrap rates, assess employee and supervisor performance, generate manpower/fixed cost ratio reports and identify discrepancies between work stations or operational performance

 REDUCE CLERICAL STAFF COSTS: There is no need to re-enter workshop related transactions to obtain accurate cost accounting, performance calculations and inventory tracking

 INCREASE QUALITY: Centralize bills of materials with direct transfers to work orders which can be printed with an unlimited number of instructions. Efficient communication translates into fewer errors and immediate corrective measures

 INCREASE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Know if work orders are not on time and proactively provide customers with status reports


Bluebee Planification

Closed-loop MRP II technology is at the heart of the MRP module. Information from forecasting, work centres, capacity planning as well as inventory management, Purchase orders, bills of materials and production control can be comparatively analyzed with the master production plan to establish resource needs across time.

 Increase sales by spending more time selling, and less time preparing shipments and providing excuses for unmet promises

 Reduce back-up inventory at all levels (raw materials, purchased components and finished products) by working according to plans rather than in reaction to crises

 Eliminate inefficiency and downtime caused by improper planning

 Reduce the number of last-minute orders to improve negotiations and lower costs

 Communicate plans to all levels using a realistic schedule

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