Simplified & Realizable Installation Process

Worry no more!

Our bluebee™ solution is a Web-based ERP software that is easy to use and deploys rapidly. Its high tech features and functionalities will make your operations more efficient and provide greater control as well as significant competitive benefits.

Obviously, application functionalities are important but will not make implementation a success all by themselves. Stakeholders must have a good overall knowledge of your company’s needs, the technologies that are used, and your industry’s best practices.

Over the last 15 years, we at Bluebee Software Inc. have built strong partnerships with our customers. We have improved their business processes and their competitiveness. Our team of experienced specialists serve nearly one hundred customers ranging from 10 to 500 users located in Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes, and Western Canada.

Our vast experience in system implementation led us to develop a methodology based on information retrieval and identification of specific needs prior to starting a new project. This approach will allow you to target and validate processes, facilitate any new development which will in turn eliminate any unpleasant surprises during the implementation phase.

Contrary to what you might expect elsewhere, we make sure that your company’s key employees do not have to be overly called upon during the setup and customization phases of the project, while our consultants are identifying your business processes. We want to save you time and money.

The implementation of an ERP solution should be a simple and accurate process and the team should be professional and dedicated to success while protecting the integrity of your operations.

We like building long-term relationships with our customers and we feel confident that we can offer your company a robust, stable, and affordable solution that will help evolve your business processes and give you a competitive edge.

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