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Bluebee ERP Advantages

User Experience

The user experience has greatly improved for most sites and applications in recent years. The new established standards however struggle for presence in business applications. Bluebee 2 wants to remedy the situation with its design that adopts the latest UX methodologies.

• Reduced resistance to change
• Reduction of training efforts
• Increased job satisfaction

Business Intelligence

Much information resides in management software data. This information can be very useful for decision-making. However, analyzing these data is often too arduous. Thanks to its many business intelligence tools, Bluebee 2 makes your work easier. No need to hire a business intelligence expert, you will be able to find your answers to your questions.

• Dashboards
• Performance indicators
• Access to Qlik Sense data exploration tools.


We believe that software of the future will do more than contain information: it will interpret it and communicate it at the appropriate time. For example, if the supply threshold for a key component is reached, the software could notify you. If a colleague schedules a conference call with a customer today, the software could notify you. If there is a risk of a cash shortfall in the coming days, the software could warn you. In short, Bluebee 2 can help you stay informed.

• Automated notifications
• Assigning tasks
• Internal notifications


Bluebee’s approach to customization constraints is simple: there are none! When you purchase Bluebee, you get the source code which allows you, if you wish, to make the changes you want to your software. It is then possible for you to modify everything. Of course, the Bluebee developer team remains at your disposal for any need for assistance.

• Unlimited scalability
• Possibility to make changes to the code without going through the provider
• Expert service and consultation available


ERP software offers a multitude of options to its users. So much so that it can be difficult to know where to start. With the Bluebee 2 Workstation approach, you can forget the hassles. All the tools you need are at your fingertips. A workstation is available for each primary management need. These workstations guide users to the actions they need and want to use.

• Grouped data
• Direct links
• Simplified action

Mobile and Multiplatform Features

Bluebee 2 is web-based software. It only takes a browser to access it. So you can use it completely wherever you go. In addition, Bluebee 2 offers certain features developed specifically for mobile devices.

• Access from everywhere
• Use via workstation, laptop, tablet or smartphone
• Customized mobile development

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