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Founded in 1996, the company initially resold an ERP solution which, after a few years, experienced a major slowdown forcing it to quickly reconsider its position vis-à-vis the product it offered. It then decided to embark on the development of its own solution. It was from a team dedicated to development and made up of young programmers and web designers as well as experienced ERP solution consultants that the adventure started. At the turn of the 2000s, the company had created an all-web software that only used a browser, with an open architecture accessible from anywhere in the world: bluebee.

Since 2019, Simon and Julien Laporte have taken over the management of the company from their father Sylvain and are bringing a new vision to the entire organization. Bluebee wants to make its mark as the best ERP software for mid-size distribution or light-manufacturing companies. The development approach is based on best practices and now focuses on improving the user experience. An ERP should be intuitive, easy to understand, and easy to use. In short, it should simplify the work rather than complicate it!

Today thousands of users rely on the Bluebee solution to support their business processes. Thanks to its judicious technological choices and its years of experience, Bluebee has positioned itself as an expert in web ERP development and has been able to take advantage of technological developments to enable it to always offer more to its customers.

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