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ERP Finance Module

What can our ERP Finance module do for you and your business? It can provide you with the necessary tools to manage your receivables, payables and fixed assets.


Bluebee’s accounts receivable module is a robust and flexible application for managing receivables, credit, collections and commissions. Designed to suit a wide range of businesses, the application saves you time on processing data and gives you more time to analyze information to improve customer and sales performance, speed up the collection process and limit write-offs.

Automatically calculate finance charges when terms have been exceeded
Manage seasonal invoicing with date-driven payment terms
Reduce overall credit grants using built-in controls, payment statistics and notes on various accounts
Automatically update the sales commission log.


The system is complete, sophisticated and user-friendly. Manage your cash balance more efficiently by analyzing your cash flow needs and disbursements. Assess supplier performance using self-determined criteria.

Create multiple entities, such as companies, subsidiaries, branches and/or product categories.
Track individual or consolidated purchases and centralize payments, when necessary
Interface with the general ledger and purchase order modules
Choose from automatic or manual payments
Establish good payment records
Analyze sales to determine where the money was spent to negotiate better prices

General Ledger

Track all your accounting transactions by interfacing directly with other modules such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory management and fixed assets. Strong and flexible accounting tools let you manage your activities more efficiently.

Represent complex organizations using the relational entity concept
Create flexible financial statements according to your specifications and needs.
Use 12 or 13 fiscal periods per year
Access up-to-date information at all times thanks to instant processing
Consolidate multiple transaction currencies
Simulate fixed and variable budgets prior to approval

Fixed Assets

Easily manage acquisitions, life cycles and decommissioning of your equipment, buildings or any other type of asset. The system will calculate depreciation according to the different tax rules and automatically generate accounting transactions. Indicators and reports will portrait your assets in detail.

Calculation of accounting and fiscal values for the different levels of government;
Grouping by division, site, department and several other criteria;
Forecast calulations to validate and adjust asset values;
Management of the sale or decommissioning of assets;
Property report;
Identification of asset movements.

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