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Frequently asked question

+What is an ERP?

An ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), enables the majority of the company’s activities to be carried out in a coherent overall vision. The integration of the various modules offers multiple advantages, including the use of centralized data.

+What is aWEB-BASED software ?

The Bluebee interface is developed in HTML5. Since it is web-based, Bluebee does not require any installation of programs on user stations, besides the Internet browser.

+What does it mean by fully customizable?

All companies are different. This is why business needs always vary from one company to another. ERP solution providers must therefore find an approach that allows them to adapt to this reality. The Bluebee customization template allows you to programmatically modify the software because it owns the software. You will find more details in the “Benefits of Bluebee: Customization” section.

+Is there anything new in Bluebee?

Bluebee is constantly evolving with further improvements made each year. In 2017, Bluebee announced the availability of Bluebee 2, the new generation of software, focused on user experience. For more information, see “What’s new in Bluebee2?”.

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