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Finding an ERP in Montreal is not rocket science! Bluebee offers personalized service to your needs and is located near Montreal. Established in Montreal for more than 20 years now, our ERP software now serves thousands of customers in their business processes.

Our team of advisors based in Montreal can answer all your questions and provide training if you want to get the most out of your new tool. Our ERP developed in Montreal is constantly evolving and we continue to offer updates and improvements year after year.

Bluebee, a Montreal ERP solution.

Definition of ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a software package that makes it possible to operate the majority of the company’s activities in a coherent overall vision. The integration of the different modules offers multiple advantages, including the use of centralized data.

An ERP system brings all of your business data together in one place. Thus, data from different departments can communicate with each other. Bluebee Software is a web ERP software aimed at agri-food, manufacturing or distribution companies.


The Bluebee ERP system offers different solutions:



Provides the tools needed to manage your receivables, payables and fixed assets.



Provides the tools to control your inventories, orders and purchases.



Provides tools for production planning, product bill of materials, costing and work orders.



Provides the tools for managing complex business structures and multiple currencies and offers collaboration tools.

ERP software can be used for many things depending on your organizational needs. It makes it possible to centralize all the functional components of a company within a single information system. It therefore serves as a tool to explore its business data, facilitating decision-making.

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Bluebee ERP is the perfect management software for virtually any type of business. Among its many satisfied customers, the majority are in the food industry, in the distribution industry and in the manufacturing industry.


To find out if Bluebee meets the needs of your type of business or your industry, do not hesitate to contact us.

The advantages of an ERP are numerous:


  • Better user experience.

Bluebee software offers a design that adopts the latest UX methodologies.


  • Business Intelligence

Analyze and explore data simply and easily.


  • Mobile and cross-platform features

You can use your software wherever you go.


  • Workstation

A workstation is available for every major management need.


  • Personalization

When you buy Bluebee, you get the source code allowing you to make the modifications you want to your software. You can then modify everything.

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Setting up an ERP with Bluebee is done in 4 steps!

  1. Define your needs
  2. Establish the execution strategy
  3. Implementation
  4. Post-installation follow-up and training

Yes ERP is a manufacturing software! It is a software that is of great help for manufacturing companies. The manufacturing ERP software provides real-time information on inventories, manufacturing costs and manufacturing times. Thus manufacturing companies can optimize their manufacturing processes.

A Cloud ERP has a ton of benefits for you and your company. Here are the advantages of an ERP hosted on the Cloud.


Benefit #1: improve your performance

ERP on the Cloud frees your servers from software. Indeed, an ERP software is a heavy solution that takes up a lot of space on the IT infrastructure. With the ERP Cloud, you are guaranteed to work on a fast network, facilitating efficient work.


Benefit #2: ensure the security of your information

Storing confidential data remotely in the Cloud is a solution to double data security.


Benefit #3: save money

You avoid buying physical equipment. You will be able to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies at flexible rates. You save on equipment maintenance services.


Benefit #4: a solution that adapts to your growth

With a Cloud solution, you can contact your provider at any time to change plans and increase your storage needs.


Benefit #5: Accessibility

With the Cloud, you even have access to your management software anywhere, anytime, regardless of the device. It is therefore a way to easily work remotely.

An ERP system manages the operational resources of the company and can therefore include accounting functionalities. This is the case of Bluebee. An accounting system is limited to accounting entries and related items.

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