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What is an ERP system?

What does an ERP management software do?

An ERP system is a software package that manages all the functions of a company under a single software. Commonly called Enterprise Resource Planning, it can also be translated into French as Progiciel de Gestion Intégré. An ERP system automates many of a company’s core processes and serves as a shared database for all financial and operational information.

For example, Bluebee helps in the following areas: financial, distribution, manufacturing and cross-functional. Thus, an ERP solution allows the optimization of the production chain in a complete, reliable, traceable and unified way.

For more information on the different functions of the ERP software, please visit: 4 Families of Features included in an ERP Software.

What are the benefits?

ERP software saves valuable time with the automation of several tasks and better analysis of data in real time. By removing the aspect of working in silos, the ERP system creates a relationship between the different applications thus allowing the reduction of data duplication and time loss while increasing productivity. This will save you time to invest your own energy in another task that is important to you.

In addition, by replacing siloed work with standardized applications, the ERP management system allows for cost reduction and optimization of the operations chain. With a single software that consolidates and manages the company’s multiple files, it makes the task much simpler and more connected. It also allows all of the company’s infrastructures to have access to the same data, thus improving the efficiency of processes.

How to choose the right ERP software?

To be able to choose the right ERP software, you need to know the purpose of the company to increase the relevance of the system. In other words, the choice of the ERP system must be aligned with the needs of the company, so it is necessary to choose functions that meet those needs. For more information on the different functions of the ERP software, please visit: 4 Families of Features included in an ERP Software.

Moreover, there is always the possibility to discuss with a vendor and ERP software expert, for example Bluebee, who can also advise you in the choice of software. By communicating your needs to them, your reseller will be able to help you in the selection of the best management function to implement for your company.

What are the costs of an ERP software?

ERP software prices are often seen as an investment as opposed to an expense because in the long run it will save you money by optimizing operations and it will allow you to save valuable time to invest in other activities that you consider more relevant.

However, the costs of an ERP package are quite variable depending on the size of the company and the use you make of it. The choice of function, the number of licenses to acquire and the customization of the software are examples that can vary the costs. It is therefore important to consult an ERP expert like Bluebee to help you choose the right system to maximize your investment and increase your productivity.

For more information on pricing please visit the Bluebee website in the pricing section at the bottom of the page.

About Bluebee ERP software

Founded in 1996, Bluebee specializes in the food industry and aims to be the best ERP management system for companies in both distribution and production. With its technology and experience in the field, Bluebee is considered an expert in ERP management software. Working with companies such as Hector-Larivée and Aliments Breton, several case studies are available directly on the Bluebee website.


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