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ERP, process automation and business growth

Automatiser les processus de sont entreprise pour accélérer sa croissance

If you’re looking for a way to accelerate the growth of your business, process automation is a great place to start. It allows you to gain efficiency, reduce errors, and focus on higher value-added activities. And for this, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is the ideal tool.

In this article, we’ll look at how ERP software can accelerate your business growth through process automation.

What is process automation?

Process automation is the use of technology to automate tasks and activities that would otherwise be performed manually by workers. 

The goal of process automation is to reduce costs, improve efficiency and speed up production times by eliminating tedious manual tasks and reducing human error. Process automation can also help improve the quality and consistency of results, as well as improve collaboration between departments by enabling faster and more effective communication.

According to a recent Gartner report, up to 69% of these routine jobs will be automated by 2024.

1. Better coordination between the different departments

One of the main advantages of ERP software is that it allows you to centralize the data of all the company’s processes in a single database. This facilitates communication and coordination between the different departments. Thus you avoid errors related to manual data entry. Not to mention the better visibility on all the company’s activities.

For example, in the food industry, an ERP software can allow a better coordination between the production department and the logistics department. By centralizing production data, ERP can help plan raw material deliveries, so that the production department always has the necessary materials to meet demand.

2. Reduction in processing times

Process automation can significantly reduce the time it takes to process orders, invoices and other recurring tasks. This allows the company to gain efficiency and focus on higher value-added activities.

In the food industry, for example, ERP software can help automate the raw material ordering process. Orders can be placed automatically based on inventory levels and demand forecasts, reducing the risk of stock-outs and enabling faster response to customer requests. This allows the buyer to quickly validate routine orders and focus on managing exceptions or other higher value-added tasks.

3. Better supply chain management

ERP allows for a more precise management of the supply chain, notably by enabling better planning of purchases and better inventory management. This helps to optimize production and logistics costs, and therefore to gain in competitiveness.

In the food industry, ERP software can help track the movement of raw materials and finished goods inventory. This allows for better planning of production and purchasing, avoiding losses due to unsold or out-of-date inventory. ERP can also help identify demand trends, which can help adjust production accordingly.

4. No More Business Silos

One of the biggest benefits of using ERP software for process automation is the end of siloed activities that block progress. In many companies, departments often operate in isolation, with no interaction with each other, which can lead to miscommunication, production delays, duplication of work and data silos. 

With an ERP system in place, all activities are connected and integrated into a single database. Data is accessible to all relevant departments, from production to accounting, logistics and marketing. 

This eliminates silos that hinder the flow of processes, avoids communication errors and facilitates collaboration between teams. Data is always up to date and available in real time, enabling companies to make better and faster decisions.

In short…

In short, automating processes with ERP software is essential for companies in all industries, including food and beverage. With an ERP system in place, companies can save time, increase efficiency, improve decision making and gain visibility into performance. 

In addition, they can benefit from better interdepartmental collaboration and integration of all their operations. Thus, to accelerate your company’s growth and maintain a competitive position, investing in ERP software is a strategic decision to seriously consider. Contact us at Bluebee to learn more about our ERP solution tailored to your specific needs.


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