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ERP Distribution Management Module

What can our ERP Distribution Management module do for you and your business? It provides you with tools to control your inventory, orders and purchases.


The inventory module gives you complete control of your warehouses. Keep your inventory data up to date in real time with the use of mobile barcode scanners. Optimize the use of your space and reduce your shipping preparation time. By combining with the other integrated functions of the system, such as procurement and sales orders, finally control the flow of stock of your inventory.

Integrated barcode reader software;
Receive, store and sell your items in multiple units of measure;
Make the warehouse manager’s job easier with tracking of pick-up tasks by employee;
Inventory count;
Multiple stock availability statuses;
Items in lots or serialized;
Management of expiration dates;
Quality control.

Sales Orders

The ordering system is leveraged with inventory, receivables, and basic general ledger functions to provide on-line transaction processing. By tracking customer orders from their creation to shipping and invoicing, this system allows you to run your business even more efficiently, monitor trends and increase customer satisfaction. Adapt order taking to your customers’ needs: EDI, transactional website (shopping cart), counter orders, file import or manual order entry by sales representatives.

Automate your processes with the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) module.
Integration with transactional sites or Point of Sale softwares.
Generate rich price matrices for the automatic calculation of good prices:
– Multiple price levels per item and per customer;
– Promotions;
– Volume discounts;
– Sales contracts;
– Freebies;
– Multiple sales units of measure;
– Management of stock availability;
– Management of merchandise returns;

Standard or specialized Order Entry for telephone representatives;
Call list;
Price proposals and conversion to order;
Management of routes and loads.


The procurement system is leveraged with inventory, planning, payables and general ledger systems to form a comprehensive procurement management system. It allows you to order the items with regular purchase orders or by standing orders, reconcile the received items with the supplier invoice, and create accounts payable entries. Manage the purchasing process more efficiently so you have less inventory in the warehouse.

Negotiate better prices based on items made available by several suppliers.
Reconciliation of purchase orders, receipts and supplier invoices;
Conversion of purchase requisitions, suggested by the system, into purchase orders;
Management of delivery times;
Purchase order approval system.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Manage your new customer acquisition processes and better serve your current customers. Customer relationship management software is the integrated tool of choice for your sales representatives. Collect and analyze your customer files to better manage your sales force. Keep your eyes on your most promising opportunities. Take advantage of the wealth of customer data produced by your colleagues in operations and accounts receivable to obtain a complete picture.

Opportunity management;
Prospect follow-up;
Access to the complete customer profile (orders, invoices, statistics);
Calendar of tasks and actions;
Note taking;
Price proposals.

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