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Bonduelle is processing frozen and canned vegetables as well as a range of sauces, baked beans, legumes and canned soups. In addition to producing for major private label brands, the US subsidiary also markets vegetables under its own brands, including Arctic Gardens and Graves in Canada and the Bonduelle brand in Canada, the United States, Argentina and Brazil.

Well established in the Americas with more than 3,000 contributors, Bonduelle operates a number of production sites, including 8 in Canada, 4 in the United States and one in Brazil.

How does Bluebee help them?

Bonduelle Americas and its strong team of developers have chosen Bluebee in part for its rich modern and scalable infrastructure.

 A large part of the adaptations and development in Bluebee at Bonduelle is done by their internal team, allowing them to maintain their own system and thus save costs.

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