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Their offer, which is the best value for money, illustrates how Hector Larivée has become the largest distributor of fruit and vegetables in the foodservice sector in Canada!

The fruit and vegetable specialist, Hector Larivée, has been delivering a wide range of fresh premium products for the past 77 years, directly from nature to your kitchen.

How does Bluebee help them?

One of the key business processes at Hector Larivée Inc. (HLI) is order taking. HLI representatives must not only enter customer orders, but also advise them by offering them promotional, complementary or alternative products, inform them about the characteristics of products, their availability and all this quickly and without making any mistake!

 A dynamic order entry function has been developed and specifically adapted to their needs. This, together with a leading work organization, allows them to offer orders to be delivered the same day. Another example of their exceptional service offer.

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