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4 Families of Features included in an ERP Software

An ERP Software

Enterprise resource planning software, better known as ERP software, has become an essential tool for the vast majority of businesses in recent years. An ERP solution automates the core processes of a company’s business operations and serves as a shared database for all of its financial and operational information.

ERP software extracts this data from a number of modules designed to help different departments, from accounting to supply chain to human resources, perform their individual functions. At Bluebee our ERP system has distribution, financial, manufacturing and cross-functional modules.

In order to choose your ERP software, you need to determine which modules would be relevant to your business. Moreover, each ERP software offers its own features. We’ve identified for you the 4 families of essential features that are included in an ERP solution.


1. Financial Management Features

A very important element to consider when selecting an ERP system is the modules offered by this solution. Financial management is a very important feature of an ERP system. It allows you to effectively manage the financial aspect while supporting business continuity and providing control tools. Here are different modules that could be available in the finance function of an ERP solution.

Receivables Management: This module offers flexibility in managing your accounts receivable, credits and collections. The main function of the Accounts Receivable module is to minimize transaction entry time so you have more time to analyze your accounts and improve your sales efficiency.

Payables Management: This module, easy to operate and control, allows you to manage your cash flow through a complete analysis of your cash needs and an automatic disbursement procedure. It also has the ability to create multiple entities within your company.

General Ledger Management: You will be able to find all the transactions through this interface. Whether it is the accounts receivable, the accounts payable, the inventory management or the fixed assets management. Moreover, the module offers you to create financial statements according to your needs.

Fixed assets management: This last module of the financial management allows you to easily manage the acquisitions, life cycles and retirements of your equipment, buildings or any other type of asset.

2. Distribution Features

Another feature of your ERP software is distribution. Unlike distribution processes, your ERP software allows you to focus on the overall business and thus take care of orders, inventory management, quoting, etc.

Inventory Management: As a manufacturer or distributor, using ERP software for inventory management is one of the best decisions you can make. This module will avoid the use of a spreadsheet and any human errors associated with it. In other words, the inventory module gives you complete control over your warehouse.

Order Management: This system allows you to track customer orders from the moment they are created to the moment they are shipped and invoiced. This system allows your company to be more efficient, monitor trends and increase customer satisfaction.

Procurement Management: The Procurement Management System manages the evaluation, selection and creation of contracts with suppliers. This module also handles the relationships you maintain with suppliers. This ERP solution ensures collaboration with accounts payable during the procurement stage.

Customer Relationship Management: The business relationships you maintain with your customers are very important. It is therefore essential to satisfy your customers so that they become repeat customers. The customer relationship management software is an integrated tool of choice for your sales representatives.

3. Manufacturing Features

The manufacturing feature of an ERP software is an essential tool for any company of this type. This feature will allow you to manage the BOM, the production and the planning of all manufacturing activities.

Bill of Materials (BOM) Management: The BOM module allows you to obtain a list of all the parts, raw materials and assemblies required to manufacture a product. This module also includes the ways to use these parts or materials.

Production management: Production management includes all activities that contribute to the creation, planning of material and human resources, control of finished or in-process products.

Planning Management: This module of the planning function uses information from forecasting files, requirements plans, inventory, procurement, bill of materials and production systems. The purpose of this module is to produce a material requirements plan that is dispersed over time.

4. Cross-Functional Features

Your ERP software will also have a lot of cross-functional features. Here we elaborate on the advantages of ERP software and why this solution is an interesting software for your company.

General management: ERP software has its own key advantages. In our opinion, the ERP system should offer all the functionalities required by the companies they deal with. At Bluebee, we cater to medium to large sized companies and a wide range of industries. Bluebee is multi-company, multi-warehouse, multi-language and multi-currency.

Reporting and analysis: Implementing an ERP software is a big step for your company. Once implemented, you need to use the system to its fullest extent. At Bluebee, our solution gives you customizable dashboards by user, dashboards by module, access to intuitive reporting tools and effortless access to data. All of this is possible thanks to the integration of business intelligence software.

Navigation: When our customers navigate their Bluebee software, we want their user experience to be the best possible. That’s why the interface of our ERP solution has been redesigned. We want to provide an ease of use that follows recognized user experience standards. An advanced ERP system, such as Bluebee, offers its share of functions, reports and data, making navigation an important part of users’ daily lives.

Why choose Bluebee as your ERP system

The integration of an ERP system is a very big step in a company. At Bluebee we are proud to offer solid expertise in the field. Founded in 1996, today thousands of users rely on the Bluebee solution to support their business processes. Thanks to its judicious technological choices and its years of experience, Bluebee has positioned itself as an expert in web ERP development and has taken advantage of technological evolution to offer more and more to its customers.

Check out all the advantages you get when you choose Bluebee.


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