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Business Intelligence and ERP

Business intelligence and erp

Everyone talks about business intelligence, but what exactly is it? Why do business intelligence and ERP go so well together?

Above all, we know that the greatest benefit of ERP software is to centralize data and to be able to use and exploit it. Business intelligence therefore enables this intelligent use of data and informed decision-making.

Read this article to understand the benefit of ERP software with built-in business intelligence.

What is ERP software?

First of all, let’s see the definition of ERP software. ERP stands for Enterprise Resources Planning or PGI (Progiciel de gestion intégré) in French. It is a cross-functional software that supports all business units within the organization. In short, it is a tool used to manage the various departments and functions of a company.

It gives up-to-date information on all departments at all times. It contributes to facilitating transparency and federating actions within the company in digital transformation.

It is an online platform used for various aspects of management such as marketing, accounting, human resources, inventory, etc.

What is business intelligence?

Business intelligence, also called BI is:

“the set of processes and technologies that allow a company’s management and executives to make more informed decisions.”

– Source : Les Affaires

To make informed decisions, the company must be able to explore its data.

Scenario: The company wants to know which of its products sells best. Who are the customers and in what proportion this product is sold and see those transactions geographically. Lastly, it is important to know if profit margins are different from region to region.

In short, it becomes very useful to be able to explore your data from several angles. To obtain these answers, it is necessary to cross millions of data. Artificial intelligence then combines data on sales transactions, supply and customers.

ERP collects all this data and business intelligence allows it to be explored in order to produce management information. In other words, BI comes to assemble millions of data, structure them, and set up interpretation processes. Thus, the company has access to reliable information that facilitates decision-making.

ERP With Business Intelligence for Data Mining

In 2022, the “reporting” of static data is over. Without business intelligence, ERP software does not allow data mining.

Data Mining: The process of sorting through a set of data to identify patterns that can help solve business problems through data analysis. Data mining techniques and tools allow companies to predict future trends and make more informed business decisions.

 —Source: TechTarget

Fortunately, Bluebee ERP software comes with built-in business intelligence. You can explore your data in real time, easily on a user-friendly interface.

Data mining, thanks to complex algorithms, makes it possible to consolidate, simplify and transform data.

Leading business intelligence software: Power BI (Microsoft), Salesforce and Qlik Sense.

Qlik Sense, which is integrated with Bluebee, enables everyone in your organization to make data-driven decisions. So, regardless of their skill level, they can apply strategic measures at the most opportune time.

With Qlik Sense integrated with Bluebee, you have access to easy graphs and data manipulations. All this, thanks to the ETL process.

ETL Process: Extract, Transform, Load (ETL), an automated process that takes raw data, extracts the information needed for analysis, transforms it into a format that can meet business needs, and loads it into a Data Warehouse. —Source: Oracle

In other words, the ETL process is the transformation of data for the preparation of graphics. So if you want a graph that intersects several data, you can access it immediately, the data is ready to be used.

The Bluebee ERP Solution

As mentioned earlier, with the Bluebee ERP system, you already have access to a business intelligence process. So you can make informed decisions based on reliable data, with ease.

Bluebee has several features that will be useful for your business. Whether it is the finance module, the distribution module, the manufacturing module or the cross-functionality module, the Bluebee system will meet your needs.


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