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Do business with a digital transformation consultant

entreprise en consultation avec un consultant pour une transformation numérique. Implantation d'un site de commerce électronique. Implantation d'un logiciel ERP.

Does your business need a digital transformation? Do you think you need an ERP system, but are not sure?

To find the solution to your needs, it is necessary to undertake several preliminary steps. Analyzing your needs should allow you to understand which solution is right for you. But which provider should you choose?

Digital transformation is a big project and it’s easy to get lost in it. This is why a good number of Bluebee customers are recommended to us by digital transformation consultants!

Doing business with a consultant when starting this kind of project can have several advantages.

We conducted a short interview for you with a digital transformation consultant. You will understand why many companies start their digital transformation project through a consultant!

What is a digital transformation consultant?

As a digital transformation consultant, I help companies establish their digital business plan. My goal is always to align this plan with the corporate strategy.

Digitization is about achieving bigger goals. For example, the main purpose of setting up an e-commerce site will be to increase sales and reach a new market segment.

For example, e-commerce retail sales hit an all-time high in 2020. E-commerce sales more than doubled, posting a 110.8% increase, compared to May 2019.

Digitizing is just one way to achieve our strategies.

But my role is to support the company in analyzing its needs. Once the needs analysis is done, I then support them in the process of selecting the solution.

In the event that the intention is to set up an ERP system, the choice of supplier remains in the hands of the company. The success of a digital transformation depends above all on the involvement of the team and on the use they will make of it.

My role as a digital transformation consultant is above all to help them determine their needs and which ones are important. I accompany them at the selection level and make sure that the tool meets the needs before the final selection.

It is also necessary that a team is built around the responsibility of the project. It is with this team that I work. They can then answer questions from other members of the company and support them during the transition.

Finally, I also accompany them in the realization of the digital project and in the implementation process.

When a company is limited by the availability of its staff, a tool like ERP can support growth by automating processes. Some have doubled their sales with the same resources! That's why it's a worthwhile investment of time and money!

How do you know if you need an ERP?

I would say one of the first signs is when the handling becomes too demanding. Initially, a company can easily manage multiple Excel files and keep records manually. But once the business grows, manipulation can become a waste of time and a waste of profit.

When resource planning, procurement and human resource management become too heavy, there is a need for ERP.

You have to know how to manage your resources according to your abilities.

What are the advantages of doing business with a digital transformation consultant for a digital implementation project?

When a company embarks on a digital transformation project, they don’t necessarily have all the knowledge for this type of project. They therefore benefit mainly from my experience. Over the years, I have learned from my mistakes and I am neutral in the selection, so I can really advise them and challenge the team.

For me, needs analysis is a common thing. I use templates, feature lists, and several other requirements analysis tools that I’ve tested over the years. Thus, we determine current needs as well as future needs!

In many cases, implementing an ERP system can represent an investment of over $100,000. It must therefore be scalable and useful over the long term. Hence the importance of doing business with a consultant.

Do business with Bluebee

Bluebee may be the ERP solution for you! Talk about Bluebee to your consultant! We offer a powerful, simple and modern formula that will certainly meet your needs. Tell us about your project, and if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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