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ERP software for the food distribution industry

The food distribution industry

The food distribution industry includes all the processes that transform food production from fishing or agriculture. The final objective of these activities is to process and distribute these foods for human consumption.

Thus, the ERP management software for food distribution helps companies operating in this industry. Indeed, several challenges can be difficult to address such as managing price volatility, process traceability, inventory management and food security. The ERP management system therefore helps in the following ways.

Price volatility

  • Reduce the impact of volatile commodity prices.
  • Coping with distributors’ prices and consumers’ expectations.


  • Respect quality standards (FSMA, SQF, GFSI).
  • Have access to more data in real time.
  • To have the confidence of the customers with reliable and traceable data because the customers are more and more demanding at the environmental, sanitary level and much more conscious of the quality that they buy.
  • Reduce the risk of error and data entry.

Stock management and food safety

  • Real time stock update and stock tracking to follow the order of dates (first in, first out) to avoid losses.
  • Forecasting and meeting demand at different times of the year and keeping an economic inventory.
  • Optimize the production chain with the optimization of purchases and stocks according to the needs of the production planning. With the empowerment of management and ordering, this reduces costs and shortens lead times in addition to improving production and distribution.
  • Respect quality standards (FSMA, SQF, GFSI).
  • Avoid product recalls, which can be costly.

The Bluebee experience

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