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Governmental help for the implementation of ERP software


In post-pandemic times, the ESSOR program has been put in place for the implementation of ERP software. Indeed, digital transformation is now a must for Quebec SMEs. In order to have a competitive productivity, technologies are necessary.

New business and management models are now based on continuous and instant communication. To integrate each of the departments in the value chain, technological assistance is needed.

The Minister of Economy and Innovation has also communicated that the priorities in a post-pandemic context are:

  • support for certain key sectors in Quebec that have been severely affected by the economic situation or that present attractive development opportunities;
  • business innovation and digitization;
  • the economic development of the regions of Quebec;
  • improving Quebec’s trade balance.

It is therefore in response to this statement that the Quebec government implemented the ESSOR program. This program could help you finance the implementation of your ERP software. Find out how in this article.

What is the ESSOR program?

The ESSOR program was set up by the Quebec government. His goal?

“Accelerate the productivity growth of Quebec businesses through an innovative technological transition or the acquisition of new technologies.”

Source: Investment Quebec

The ESSOR program is intended for Quebec companies seeking financing for:

  • Accelerate the realization of an investment project
  • Increase the productivity of your business through a technological transition or the acquisition of new technologies
  • Reduce your company’s environmental footprint, in particular by adopting clean technologies
  • Increase the presence of your Quebec business in global supply chains by supporting you in internationalization strategies

Each of these objectives corresponds to the 4 components of the program:

Component 1: Support for the realization of investment projects (feasibility studies and digital diagnosis)

Component 2: Support for investment projects promoting productivity and business expansion

Component 3: Support for investment projects promoting a reduction in the environmental footprint

Component 4: Support for the internationalization of companies

To find out if your project is eligible and for more details, consult this government document.

Is ERP software an eligible project for the ESSOR program?

The implementation of ERP software is eligible for the ESSOR program. At Bluebee, we have started new ERP projects with clients who have had access to this government assistance. Too few Quebecers know about this kind of help. This is why we would like to share the news with our potential partners.

An ERP project involves a significant investment. In many cases, it is an investment that can exceed $100,000. It is therefore a privilege to have access to government assistance for this type of project.

For example, component 2 of the Essor program admits projects involving at least $100,000 in expenditure. The project must correspond to:

  • a technological transition,
  • business modernization,
  • business expansion
  • an increase in productivity.

To qualify, companies will have to prove that their project meets these criteria. They must be able to demonstrate the increase in productivity, either by an increase in profitability or by an increase in the payroll paid.

The type of financial assistance depends on the project and the component to which the project corresponds. For component 2, which admits most ERP projects, the types of financial assistance available are:

• The repayable contribution

• The loan guarantee

• Equity participation, which may, among other things, take the form of share capital.

• The non-repayable contribution (grant)

Obviously, to be sure that your ERP project is eligible, get more information.

How does an ERP Software Increase Productivity?

ERP software allows you to centralize information in one place, allowing easier exchanges between different departments. Sharing this information in real time greatly facilitates decision-making.

ERP also makes it possible to automate several internal tasks. You can focus on other activities that bring more value to your business. This way you maximize the performance and economic benefits of the company.

The centralization of data and the automation of tasks thanks to ERP make it possible to easily diagnose the performance of the company. By having access to sales reports, company profitability, achievement of objectives, you can adjust and react quickly as needed.

Learn more about ERP software:

If you have any other questions about ERP software, don’t hesitate to ask the experts at Bluebee. We will be happy to answer them!

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