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What is the price of ERP softwares in 2022?

Quel est le prix d'un logiciel ERP

Companies are increasingly looking to automate and digitize processes and data management. No wonder you are looking for the price of ERP software. The implementation of an ERP is a major process and must bring added value to the company.

The price of ERP software depends on many factors. There are several ranges of software that offer different functionalities, which explains the price differences.

The multiple advantages of an ERP software bring a lot of value to companies.

88% of organizations consider their ERP implementation helped them to succeed.” Source: LearnHub

To find the ideal ERP solution, you must be able to compare the different offers. To make meaningful comparisons, you need to understand the implementation steps and the different costs involved.

ERP implementation steps

ERP prices depend greatly on the different stages of implementation.

  1. Define your needs

Needs analysis is a step that should not be overlooked. It allows you to identify the specific needs of your company for which you choose to set up an ERP. By carrying out an inventory, you will be able to identify the problems and the uses to which your future ERP software will have to respond.

Here we must review the company’s business processes and identify the gaps between the current way of doing things and the new one. This step makes it possible to anticipate the issues and find the right solutions.

A Bluebee implementation consultant will meet with you to review your business processes. You will then determine together the approach to take to better respond to the issues that will be raised.

  1. Establish the Execution Strategy

Once your needs have been identified and the implementation process has begun, you will have to plan the execution. Start by appointing a reference team made up of 2 to 3 members of the company. Their roles and the distribution of tasks must be clearly established to ensure a smooth process.

Then, you will have to make the choices of use according to your identified primary needs and best practices. The tactical deployment plan will follow (who will do what, when).

You will then need to determine which deployment mode works best for you. Do you need software installed within the company or cloud software?

This step will have a great influence on the cost of your ERP.

  1. Implementation

The preparation is complete, now it’s time to put it all into action!

It is at this stage that the development of the identified customization will take place (if applicable). When a specific need is identified, one of the solutions to comply with it is to adapt the software to the needs. In this case, Bluebee developers can either modify existing functions or even create new ones from scratch. A factor that greatly influences the cost of your ERP.

Then we can transfer the data… Don’t panic, the Bluebee team will help you convert the data to your new Bluebee 2 environment using simple import tools such as Excel.

To facilitate the adaptation to the management software, you will have to select employees who will undergo intensive training. So they will be able to answer their colleagues’ questions. Users will also have to test new ways of doing things in order to validate the ERP solution.

  1. Post-Installation Follow-up and Training

Once the final installation is done, questions often arise. All Bluebee staff who worked with you during the implementation stages remain available for you post-installation.

Whether on questions of use or other, the Bluebee team is always there to support you.

Cost of licenses

As mentioned earlier, “On premise” and “Cloud” licenses do not imply the same prices.

For an on-premise license, it is necessary to provide for the purchase of the right of perpetual use. In general, the license represents 15% to 25% of the price of an ERP on site (on premise). To this solution is added, among other things, the need to have the necessary hardware (servers, for example) capable of supporting. Not to mention the costs related to hosting, server maintenance and license maintenance costs.

With a Cloud license, the cost already includes the rental of licenses and hosting. It really is an all-inclusive service in the form of monthly payments. In the short term, this is a solution that may prove to be less expensive.

62.7% of organizations opt for cloud-based ERP systems over on-premises software.” Source: LearnHub

Depending on your business needs and the infrastructure in place, On-premises or Cloud licenses might be more advantageous. This is why it can be useful to use the services of a digital transformation consultant. Thus you will be able to determine your real needs to select your ERP solution strategically.

Services costs

Then, in the cost of your ERP software you must take into consideration all the expenses related to the related services:

  • Configuration,
  • Establishment,
  • Training,
  • Assistance,
  • Personalization,
  • Development,
  • Integration with other third-party software. For example, e-commerce, payroll, transport, distribution or crm software.

How to save on your ERP software?

If you want to limit your costs to save money, perhaps consider integrating ERP gradually. You can set up one module per department at a time. However, you will not be able to benefit from the integration of data between processes.

Instead, opt for an implementation with simplified use. Perhaps in a first phase, you could continue to manually operate certain processes which are more complex to set up and concentrate on the majority of the elements which are simpler.

Make your digital shift gradually and limit functions and customization. Carry out the ERP implementation project in several phases. Move from one phase to another depending on the profits made and the availability of income.

Bluebee ERP software price and package

With the purchase of Bluebee ERP (minimum 10 licenses), you get for free:

• Installation services (up to 30 hours)

• Unlimited post-release support services for six months. (up to 120 hours)

• A rebate of $8,750 on your ERP implementation project.

Contact us for a personalized estimate.

ERP software price
ERP software price

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