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ERP Software to Better Manage your Company’s Finances

Tâche de finances effectuer sur un Ipad grâce à un logiciel financier ERP

ERP software can help you better manage your business finances. A growing business must be able to respond to the growing number of tasks. If you’re still using a fragmented system of software and spreadsheets to manage your finances, it’s time to invest in a proper system.

In addition to these many benefits, an ERP system consolidates all key financial functions in one place. Thus, by adding real-time data management, you will save time and productivity. ERP as a financial software is the solution to enable the growth of your business.

Smooth Cross-Functional Processes

When a company reaches a certain size, managing the volume of sales and purchases becomes an issue. It is therefore imperative to define clear processes that are as automated as possible. The easiest thing to automate are redundant administrative processes. The transfer of information from sales and purchases to accounts payable and receivable is the most striking example. 

a. Sales

In an integrated ERP software (with a financial module), sales follow a fluid transformation process ranging from the proposal, to the order, to the preparation or production order, to the delivery note and then to the invoice. 

The different statuses make it easier to manage and optimize scenarios and strategies. The system takes into account, for example, that an order is not an invoice. The order can therefore be modified without having to produce credit notes. The order may be shipped in two deliveries and therefore produce two invoices. 

In short, integrated management makes it easier to adapt to the business reality of the company. Invoices to be received are therefore created automatically during the delivery process, without errors.

b. Purchases

ERP software will facilitate decision-making for purchases via its planning functions. The ERP will manage purchase proposals (requisitions) which will be transformed into purchase orders (PO). Inventory will be created and stored through the receiving process. 

We will then want to check that the invoice issued by the supplier corresponds to the purchase orders sent and also to the receipt of the stock. This process is obviously much easier in an integrated system.

Simpler processes are the basis of any ERP promise. The main objective of implementing financial software is to simplify process management. By eliminating the need for manual entry, ERP software helps minimize transaction entry time.

Process automation makes financial management much simpler and more efficient.

Better Productivity

Another benefit of automation that comes with ERP software is improved productivity. ERP software simplifies the management of customer and supplier accounts. Not to mention much more efficient cash management. Tasks that can take a long time when done manually.

So you can produce detailed financial reports much faster. It is therefore obvious that simple management processes result in better productivity.

In addition, the Bluebee ERP software is equipped with a business intelligence system. So you can simply analyze and explore your financial or other data. You can make better business decisions, without using the services of a business intelligence expert. Your ERP software takes care of it!

Real Time Management

Real-time management allows you to react quickly, anywhere. Indeed, the ERP makes this type of management possible by being accessible on any platform. Whether you’re on your computer at work or at home. You can therefore analyze, at any time, several financial aspects such as:

  • Individual or consolidated purchases;
  • The ledger and purchase orders;
  • The payment file;
  • Financial Statements ;
  • Management of the sale or decommissioning of assets;
  • The property condition report;
  • Identification of asset movements;
  • Forecast calculations to validate and adjust asset values;
  • Calculations of accounting and tax values ​​for the different levels of government.
  • etc.

Real-time access to this data allows for a better understanding of financial data. Thus, the ERP allows you to establish better financial forecasts. You are able to seize growth opportunities.

Promotes Growth 

If you are considering the idea of ​​implementing ERP software to better manage your finances, it means your business is growing. Outdated management methods like manual data entry can slow this growth. ERP software supports this growth by meeting your needs.

Not to mention that your growth does not stop here. Your financial software should be able to grow with your business. Software scalability is a crucial quality of your ERP software.

An ERP is scalable when it is able to simply update. It must also allow the addition of new features or customizations. Thanks to an ERP on the Cloud, software scalability is a given.

Bluebee as Financial Software

At Bluebee, our financial module includes accounts receivable, such as the management of customer accounts, credits, collections and commissions.

We are also responsible for supplier accounts, such as the complete analysis of liquidity needs and disbursement automation and the analysis of your suppliers.

We also take care of the general ledger, including the tracking of your accounting transactions and centralize everything.

Finally, we also take care of fixed assets management, therefore the management of acquisitions, life cycle, equipment and other assets as well as depreciation calculations.

To find out more about accounting software or even ERP software in general, do not hesitate to contact us.


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