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ERP System

Who are we?

Established in Montreal for over 20 years now, Bluebee Software currently assists thousands of clients in their business processes. We specialise ourselves with clients in the food, manufacturing and distribution industry. Our ERP system was developed to facilitate the management of your business and ultimately increase your overall performance. We are in constant evolution and we continue to give update, year after year. Bluebee offers you a system that is recognised to be intuitive and easy to use to increase your productivity. The ERP system Bluebee 2 is currently our most advanced version and it will allow you to manage your business in an optimal way.

At Bluebee, we want to make the integration of your new ERP system as easy and efficient as possible. What we offer you are prices and packages that change according to your needs. A simplified integration made possible by our efficient and customizable processes. Also, a team of advisers based in Montreal that can respond to all of your questions and assist you with training, so that you can exploit your new tool to the maximum.

The advantage of our ERP system

User experience

Our simple solutions allows you to overcome the resistance to changes, reduce training efforts while increasing the satisfaction of your employees

organisation de données progiciel de gestion

Business Intelligence

Different customizable and intuitive performance indicators and dashboard are available to you. You also have access to the data mining tools from Qilk Sense

Un ERP peut vous aider pour la gestion de vos ressources humaines

Multi-platform functionalities 

Get access from anywhere, desktop, laptops, tablets, smart phones. Custom mobile developpement available


Modify and evolve your process without limits in order to use our services to the full potential of your business. Consultation services with our experts are also available

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