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ERP, agri-food industry and labor shortage

Gestionnaire d'usine en transformation alimentaire heureux d'avoir de nouvelles candidatures

The labour shortage in Quebec is slowing down the growth and smooth operation of businesses. The agri-food industry is particularly at risk. 

“Canada’s largest manufacturing employer, the food and beverage industry, is facing a debilitating labour shortage that threatens to cripple the Canadian food system as we know it. Companies that collectively employ nearly 300,000 workers have reported vacancy rates in excess of 20%, even before COVID 19-related absences.”

Source: Robert Black, CSG – Ontario

Recruiting new applicants is becoming very difficult for 2 main reasons:

The working conditions in food processing, which are not the most attractive. 

The pandemic, which has introduced new lifestyles. The democratization of working from home discourages many to return to the floor. 

Fortunately, ERP allows you to intervene in the management of these 2 issues.

The only thing left to do is to succeed in retaining new candidates. ERP becomes a concrete solution to your labor shortage. A digital transformation is inevitable in 2023 to remain competitive and fill vacant positions. 

Find out how ERP can help you.

Working in agri-food from home is possible!

With a cloud-based ERP, working from home becomes possible. An integrated management software on the cloud allows you to access all your data and perform many tasks, remotely. The cloud makes data access possible, anytime, anywhere. All you need is a computer and internet access.

No need to install software on each employee’s computer. They can access the software, on the web, from their home. They have access to the same data as at work.

For a long time, telecommuting was impossible for a factory job. ERP software allows your employees to perform multiple tasks remotely. This way, they can afford to work a few days a week from home. It has even been proven that flexibility at work increases productivity.

It’s an offer that makes your job openings much more desirable. For most workers, “geographic flexibility” means good working conditions.

Work tasks flexibility

In addition to providing geographic flexibility, ERP also allows flexibility at the job level.

Let’s take the production supervisor as an example. ERP allows him to save time on data entry. He spends much less time copying data from the production sheet to the software. The data processing is done automatically, in real time. The supervisor therefore has more time to do quality work. 

The tasks become more interesting.

The ERP software fills in some manual tasks

ERP automates many manual tasks. No more recurring tasks. Focus on value-added tasks. Perform the same number of tasks more efficiently without increasing the number of employees. 

Process automation increases efficiency and productivity by turning unskilled jobs into value-added jobs. The result? Your bottom line increases.

The need for manpower becomes much less urgent.

The importance of well-equipped staff

It is very important to properly equip your staff to ensure better productivity. Quality tools, such as ERP software, directly increase your rate of return. It is a guarantee of success.

It is also a factor that influences the attractiveness of your company. A digital transformation automatically improves your corporate image, making it more modern. You also attract younger candidates who are motivated by this kind of professional asset. Obsolete tools (like Excel files) are very unpleasant to use and can quickly de-motivate your employees.

Finally, don’t forget to present ERP as a benefit of working with you. Take the time to explain concretely how this tool makes the job attractive. This is the kind of information that can be appealing, especially for management positions. 

If you think ERP software is the solution for your agribusiness, talk to one of our professionals.

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